Herbal tea has no tea….in realitea!

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Not all tea is real whole leaf tea
Several years ago, on the Oprah Show, two well-known physicians were asking for questions from the audience. One lady told the doctors that she had heard a lot about the health benefits of green tea, but, quite frankly, she just didn’t care for green, but rather enjoyed drinking black tea. Both doctors advised her to drink whatever she enjoyed the most.
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Now, what did they mean? Well, they went on to explain: Since all true tea comes from one plant, the camilla sinensis, and the main difference was in how it was processed, all types share similar health benefits. But, the doctors opined, all the health benefits in the world won’t help you if the tea that you are drinking is not real tea. In other words, just because it says “Real Whole-Leaf Tea” all over the outside of the box does not mean there is real tea inside, UNLESS the word “tea” in listed under “Ingredients.”

If it says “tea” anywhere on the label, make certain that it is also listed in the ingredients. I am appalled by the large, well-known tea companies that blatantly advertise their products as containing the real whole-leaf tea, knowing that they don’t put any tea inside the box!

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