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mothers day teaIt’s a luxury to customize a unique gift for someone special you want to appreciate or honor. How often have you wondered how you can best show your appreciation? I have. Time and time again, despite my best intentions, time just whizzes by without my taking the first step in planning, shopping, gift-wrapping, shipping, etc. Well, now we can help by taking that right off your head. Just call Patrick 720 318 3808 and he will do better than what your time or budget will allow.
This holiday, give the important folks in your life a surprise luxury gift that doesn’t cost a luxury price tag from Denver Teas. Just call us 720 318 3808. We’ll customize your gift based on your preferences from the large selection of porcelain tea sets, gift boxes, and whole leaf teas you can choose from. You choose what you would like to spend and we’ll make it better with our price match. You save $$$ and they will be astonished by your surprise. Having the perfect tea accessory and the perfect leafy tea, tea gifts, can make all the difference. This may perhaps be the best tea gifts you can find to make your holidays a great time of giving back.
We thank you for the opportunity to serve your VIP the best tea gift. We can!
Please call Patrick 720 318 3808 or email us to

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