Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Green Tea and Black Tea blends
Gunpowder Ginger Loose Leaf Green Tea 100 grams
Loose Leaf Weight Loss Ceylon Tea Sampler

Vanilla Cinnamon Ceylon Tea

  • Green Ginger Ceylon Gunpowder Tea with real ginger pieces
  • Green Peach Tea¬† Ceylon Gunpowder Tea with peach apple
  • Chocolate Mint Ceylon Black FBOP Tea
  • Vanilla Cinnamon Ceylon Black FBOP Tea with Ceylon Cinnamon pieces.
  • 100 grams each blend.
    The delicious taste and delightful aroma is unlike any other leafy tea you may have experienced. Try these large whole leaf blends for both a morning refreshment drink and/or an evening relaxation beverage. Enjoy the taste for the health of it!
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