Ceylon Breakfast Blend Red Wine Loose Leaf Tea
Ceylon Breakfast Blend Red Wine Tea

Enjoy Ceylon Breakfast Blend as your favorite red wine tea. Unlike red wine, you can enjoy three or four cups a day and build up your immune system. Tantalize your taste buds with half a lemon or a sprig of rosemary.

350 grams of 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea Breakfast blend loose leaf Red Wine tea

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  • Green Ginger Ceylon Gunpowder Tea with real ginger pieces
  • Green Peach Tea¬† Ceylon Gunpowder Tea with peach apple
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  • 100 grams each blend.
    The delicious taste and delightful aroma is unlike any other leafy tea you may have experienced. Try these large whole leaf blends for both a morning refreshment drink and/or an evening relaxation beverage. Enjoy the taste for the health of it!
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