Cinnamon Tea 50 teabags in 2 Eco-Friendly Tea-Dyed Reed Boxes

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Try our Cinnamon tea package of two tea-dyed reed boxes containing 25 flow-through teabags of 2 grams of tea in each makes an ideal gift for any occasion. Cinnamon Tea gives you numerous health benefits and may aid your weight loss efforts.

Our Cinnamon teabags are wrapped in foil to maintain its freshness and aroma. 20 teabags come beautifully packaged in tea-dyed reed/dried leafy boxes that could be used in your home and office for a variety of uses.

50 Cinnamon teabags in two eco-friendly tea-dyed reed boxes for just $20. Free Shipping.



Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

Health benefits of Cinnamon are numerous. It’s convenient to use cinnamon teabags to enjoy the health benefits of tea and cinnamon. Cinnamon Tea is an easy to prepare beverage that gives you those health benefits with the relaxation and benefits of a cup of tea. Cinnamon tea regulates blood sugar and lowers the bad cholesterol and is an ideal weight loss beverage.

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Gift Baskets with Eco-friendly Tea-Dyed Reed Boxes