100 grams Leafy Chocolate Mint Tea with 50 Cherry Teabags Combo

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Chocolate Mint Tea Iced or Hot

100 Grams Leafy Chocolate Mint Tea with 50 Cherry Teabags Combo package!
A refreshingly smooth dose of peppermint-tinged large loose leaf black tea.
This package includes 50 teabags of Cherry infused black tea.
Make your cuppa with loose leaf Chocolate mint tea add one cherry teabag for a relaxing after-dinner drink.
Chocolate Mint with Cherry infusion…. an irresistible Chocolate Mint with Chery Tea Combo package!


Chocolate Mint Tea is a classic combination providing a delightful twist on this natural pairing with pure Ceylon black tea. It has a delicious chocolate and minty flavour and is ideal when brewed as a dessert tea for a healthy holiday toast.

Mint is reputed to relax, clear your sinuses, settle your stomach — and with a chocolate combination, it tastes so good.

For centuries, mint has been fundamental for any cuisine and also used for wellness purposes in European, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Sri Lankan cultures. Mint has a soothing effect on the digestive tract. Mint also offers a variety of other benefits. This Chocolate Mint Black tea blend is an ideal relaxation drink.

Enjoy Chocolate Mint black tea straight or sweeten with steamed milk and honey.
Studies indicate several benefits of peppermint, not just make your breath smell good. The aroma of peppermint may enhance your cognitive abilities, including reasoning, judgment, and memory. It may even improve your attention span and improve the health of your brain.


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