200 grams Leafy Ginger Jasmine Green Tea Combo with 100 grams each Ginger and Jasmine Green Tea

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Jasmine Green Tea and Ginger green tea is a wonderful combination that’s full of healthy goodness to start your green tea drinking habit. This tea combo enhances your mental acuity while providing the relaxation you crave. A great beverage choice to relax before bedtime. Alternate with lemon peel and orange zest for a new twist!

Our Ginger Jasmine Green Tea combo comes with large leafy Gunpowder Green tea with Ginger root pieces 100 grams and another 100 grams of Large leafy Green Tea with natural Jasmine flower pieces.



Leafy Jasmine Ginger green tea gunpowder with Ginger root pieces and natural dried Jasmine flowers make this an ideal combo you must have.
Gunpowder green tea is the large leafy green tea that makes several cups with just one single serving.

100 gms can make 50 cups. With our leafy tea you can simply add hot water and use the same tablespoon of tea for another cup or more.
200 gms can then give you over 100 cups of tea.


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