Loose Leaf Weight Loss Ceylon Tea Sampler

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Vanilla Cinnamon Ceylon Tea

  • Green Ginger Ceylon Gunpowder Tea with real ginger pieces
  • Green Peach Tea  Ceylon Gunpowder Tea with peach apple
  • Chocolate Mint Ceylon Black FBOP Tea
  • Vanilla Cinnamon Ceylon Black FBOP Tea with Ceylon Cinnamon pieces.
  • 100 grams each blend.
    The delicious taste and delightful aroma is unlike any other leafy tea you may have experienced. Try these large whole leaf blends for both a morning refreshment drink and/or an evening relaxation beverage. Enjoy the taste for the health of it!


Loose Leaf Peach Green Tea
Loose Leaf Peach Green Tea

 Weight Loss Loose Leaf Tea Sampler:

Loose leaf Chocolate Mint Black Tea

Vanilla Cinnamon Black Tea

Green Ginger Tea

Green Peach Tea

Green Ginger Peach Tea and Chocolate Mint Vanilla Ceylon Tea

Green Ginger Peach Tea and Chocolate Mint Vanilla Ceylon Tea includes 100 grams each of ginger green tea with ginger chunks, peach green tea with peach apple pieces, chocolate mint leafy tea, vanilla cinnamon whole leaf tea.

100 grams makes 50 cups of tea and with our quality loose leaf tea, you can steep the same 2 grams per cup many more times. Refrigerate the balance brew to keep drinking several more cups throughout the day.

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Green Tea

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Black Tea

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