4 (100 gms each) whole leaf Pure Ceylon teas for $40

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This combo of four 100 grams packs comprising of two Ceylon black tea blends: Vanilla Cinnamon Black tea and Chocolate Mint Black tea together with two Ceylon green tea blends: Green Tea Ginger and Green Tea Peach is sure to delight the palate of a novice tea drinker or a tea connoisseur. The delicious taste and delightful aroma is unlike any other leafy tea you may have experienced. Try these large whole leaf blends for both a morning refreshment drink and/or an evening relaxation beverage. Enjoy the taste for the health of it!

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Green Tea

"green tea mint""green jasmine""green peach""green mango""green ginger"

Black Tea

"vanilla cinnamon""black chocolate""black spices""chai""earl grey"


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