Loose Leaf Ginger Green Tea with Large Ginger Pieces 100 grams

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Large Leafy Green Tea with Ginger Pieces

Loose Leaf Ceylon Ginger Green Tea is a unique blend of high-quality leafy Ceylon green tea combined with the rich spicy flavour of home-grown ginger roots.
Ginger reputedly aids in enhancing quality sleep. Green Tea Ginger combines the benefits of both green tea and ginger. Ginger green tea boosts your metabolic rate.
If you enjoy fried foods and need to offset the bad cholesterol effects of that, balance it out with a cup of loose leaf ginger green tea.


Large Leafy Ginger Green Tea with Large Ginger Pieces 100 grams

100 grams of 100% Pure Ceylon Green Tea blended with large natural Ginger pieces.
It’s spicy, comforting, and stimulating!


Loose Leaf Ginger Green Tea with Large Ginger Pieces
Enjoy the health benefits of ginger and green tea with a cup of hot or iced ginger green tea. Both green tea and ginger have been touted for their health benefits, which scientific evidence does support. Besides the complex flavor created by the mix of spicy, sweet ginger and brisk astringent green tea, this blend offers a pure healthy indulgence.
Green Tea with Ginger with a twist of lemon helps with weight loss.

A warm and spicy tea bringing you pure happiness and health.
A detox weight loss natural drink unlike any other Leafy Green Tea Ginger blend.

Enjoy Leafy Green Tea with Large Ginger pieces as your nighttime favourite.


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