Whole Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla and Cinnamon & Green Tea with Ginger 200 Gram Combo Pack

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This combo of 100 grams green tea with large ginger pieces and 100 grams of natural vanilla sticks and cinnamon pieces blended into a divine large whole leaf pure black Ceylon black tea will lift you, soothe you, and refresh you. Discover the refreshing vanilla cinnamon black tea blend with sweet ginger green tea for both relaxation and refreshment.
Ideal as a starter pack for a new tea drinker who aims to make tea the desired beverage of choice. Enjoyment and good health in one nice package.



This combo pack contains 100g leafy Green Tea with large pieces of ginger and fresh garden hand-picked whole leaf black tea with fresh Vanilla Cinnamon pieces. Green tea is gunpowder, the largest leafy green tea. Black tea is FBOP – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe pure Ceylon Black Tea.
Black large whole leaf tea with large pieces of Vanilla and Cinnamon sticks and green tea with large ginger pieces. Two pack Combo in 100 grams each of green tea ginger and black tea vanilla and cinnamon blend.
200 grams of large leafy black and green tea in an unusual combo pack.

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Green Tea


Black Tea

"Vanilla Cinnamon""Chocolate""Ceylon Spices""Chai"


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